Unexpected Sex With My Big Boobs Aunt | Aunty Sex Story

Unexpected Sex With My Big Boobs Aunt | Aunty Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Unexpected Sex With My Big Boobs Aunt | Aunty Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Read in Desi Aunty sex story that I used to masturbate at the thought of licking my young aunt’s pussy. I stayed in his house for a few days, so what happened there?

Friends, my name is Raman. I am 20 years old. I am from Ambala. We are four people in my family. Me, my parents, and one of my younger brothers. At this time I study in college. You know that in the age of college, most penis stands erect on seeing the aunts and sisters-in-law.

Then if something like a green signal is seen from their side, then the penis becomes hysterical. This desi aunty sex story is 8 months old today. My heart fell on my aunt who lived in my street. Her name is Ridhimajain. Aunt’s age is now 31 years.

Her figure is absolutely sexy. Although my aunt was a bit fat, seeing her big mom’s and cannon-like ass, my penis used to stand erect. Then the situation used to become such that there was no peace without fist beating. Had to immediately go to the bathroom and pacify his penis by shaking it.

The fun of masturbating while thinking of taking aunt’s pussy was something else. The real story started in such a way that the aunt used to get along less with the uncle, they used to fight with each other. Now, uncle had taken up the job of touring, so he mostly stayed outside.

For that reason, my uncle used to tell me to stay at his house. Our family members used to get along well with each other, so even my mother did not forbid it. Here my eyes were already on the aunt. Seeing the aunt, the penis used to stand erect. Now think I was enjoying it because when I used to go to sleep at my aunt’s house at night, my aunt used to come in front of me wearing a maxi.

My mind used to get upset seeing aunt’s big boobs in maxi but I had to go to the bathroom to shake my penis. Because when I used to stay at my uncle’s house, my aunt used to ask me to sleep in my own room. My Aunt and her 6-year-old daughter used to sleep on the bed in that room and I used to sleep on the cot next to it.

For some days I kept sleeping on the cot. But now I had to take care of my aunt, so I thought that now I do not have to sleep on the cot. If I want to enjoy my aunt’s big boobs and ass, then I will have to have some courage.

One day I said – Aunt, I cannot sleep on the cot. I want to sleep on the bed too. Aunt said – No problem, you sleep with us only! Aunt took her daughter aside and I slept with an aunt. One day passed just like that. When I slept on the bed with my aunt for two days, I started my act.

On the third night, I put my one leg on my aunt and put my one hand on aunt’s big breast. I just lay down with my eyes closed. When there was no response from my aunt for some time, I thought of moving forward. Now I started pressing aunt’s mother slowly. I was finding the softness of her mother very pleasant.

I started groping her boobs and soon I found the hard nipple of my aunt’s boobs. At this age, I did not have the good manners that if my mother’s nipple is hard, it means that the girl or woman has started enjoying. I was just scratching my aunt’s mother with two fingers. I was feeling that my aunt is sleeping after selling horses and she has no news.

After some time my penis started doing more action then I started increasing my pleasure. Now I started caressing my aunt’s leg with my leg. Slowly I started sliding Auntie’s maxi up and started rubbing my leg with the skin of her leg. Then aunt started cursing and I stopped my action. I removed my hands and feet and started pretending to sleep so that they would not know anything.

Since it was my first time, I was enjoying myself a lot and my breathing started getting faster. When I lay down with my eyes closed, my aunt woke up and fixed her maxi, and fell asleep again. After half an hour I again started playing with her body.

This happened two or three times. But nothing contradictory happened from the aunt’s side. This boosted my courage a lot. This time I was enjoying rubbing his mom when he caught my penis with his hand. I got scared right away.

Auntie turned towards me and said- Brother-in-law, if you want to have fun, then take it openly… Does he leave you by suppressing it from above? I was happy to listen to her and I said – Aunt, I was afraid that you might get angry. I wanted to fuck you for a long. But my ass was bursting that the raita might not spread.

Aunt laughed and said – Brother-in-law, Raita will not spread. Come on… get on top of me and fuck me. Anyway, you come after dirtying the bathroom with your curd. I understood that today my wish for sex will be fulfilled. Now I have started taking my aunt’s kisses. Aunt said – just wait. First, I spread a cot on the doll and make her sleep on it.

She put the doll on the cot and looking at me started scratching one of her breasts. I got up and put my lips on my aunt’s lips and started sucking. My aunt was also giving me full support. Now I took off aunt’s maxi and made her lie on the bed. I started kissing his whole body.

Then aunt said – will not suck boobs? I said yes why not aunt. I started sucking one boob of aunt and pressing the other slowly. Aunt’s boobs were so big that I could not even hold them whole. Aunt was feeding me by holding her boobs with her hands.

He said – till now whom? I said – today is the inauguration ceremony of my penis. Aunt became happy to hear this and said – Come on, I will get the pleasure of fucking with a bachelor’s penis today. I smiled and kissed him too. We both kept kissing each other for ten minutes. We both were very hungry.

Then I came down slowly and caressed the pussy below. She was wearing black panties in which her pussy was looking very puffy. When I caressed her pussy with my hand, her panty was completely wet. I like to lick my pussy, even though I had not licked it to date, but I had a fantasy in my mind that I wanted to enjoy licking my pussy.

I started licking her pussy from the top of her panty. Due to this, the aunt started cursing and the sound of sighs started coming out of her mouth. The taste of my aunt’s pussy juice started coming into my mouth. Then I took off her panty as well and started looking at her pussy. Light hairs had grown on the aunt’s pussy.

Auntie touched me when I pulled the pussy hair lightly. She looked at me angrily and said – What is your intention, you bastard? I started apologizing. I again moved towards my target and started licking her pussy slowly by inserting one finger in her pussy.

Now, aunt started getting mad. I was enjoying licking pussy very much. After five minutes the aunt removed me from the pussy and said – now enjoy the real fun! Saying this she came on top of me and took off my lower and pressed my penis hard over my underwear.

Pressing his penis caused me severe pain and I abused the aunt – Ah aunt, are you crazy… Will you break your penis? Aunt laughed and said – Brother-in-law, now I have come to know how much pain it is to pull the hair of the ruff.

I said nothing. Aunt- come on no problem… I will fix your penis right now. Aunt took off my underwear and took my penis in her mouth. I did not expect that my penis is going to get such a big pleasure. Aunt had started sucking my penis loudly. I started feeling like I have reached seventh heaven.

After a few minutes I fell down and aunt ate all my goods. After some time aunt started sucking my penis again and my penis started saluting again. Now both of us were warm. Aunt said- Raman, now put your penis in my pussy… I can’t help it. I said – Aunt, how can you take the delay in auspicious work now.

I just put my penis on my aunt’s pussy and started rubbing it. Aunt raised her ass and started saying – sister-in-law, now put it too. On hearing this, I pushed hard and the penis went inside at once. And ahhh came out of aunt’s mouth.

Aunt’s pussy was a bit tight. It was my first time, so I also felt pain. But at that time he was intoxicated with the pussy, so he did not feel any pain. I slowly started fucking aunt and started sucking her boobs. I fucked my aunt for 10 minutes. Then the aunt climbed on top of me and started jumping. I started enjoying making my aunt ride my penis.

After a few minutes, I made aunt a mare and started pealing aunt. After five minutes my lava was about to leave and asked my aunt where to drip the goods. Aunt said – Leave it inside, I will take the bullet.

I gave 10-15 blows and left the juice inside the aunt. We both got tired and lay down. After a while, we played another round of pussy fucking and went to sleep after fixing our clothes. After that, I fucked aunt many times but now she refuses. She says that all this is wrong, whatever happened earlier, happened but not now.

Friends, tell me what should I do now, I feel like fucking. My heart’s desire is to have sex with an unknown girl or sister-in-law.

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