Crazy Kinky Sex With My Neighbour | Doctor Bhabhi Sex Story

Crazy Kinky Sex With My Neighbour | Doctor Bhabhi Sex Story

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My name is Dheeraj and I am from Aerocity. I am 34 years old. I am 6 feet tall and have a good stature. Women have been attracted to me from the beginning… and to date, I have been getting the benefit of my body. This incident is between me and the lady doctor of the neighborhood, which happened long ago.

A doctor bhabhi lived in my neighborhood. Her name was Preeti. I used to play badminton with a friend in front of my bhabhi’s house. Preeti bhabhi had a two-year-old daughter, who used to play a lot with me. bhabhi was separated from her husband and she lived alone with her daughter.

I was also like him, after separating from my wife, I also lived alone. I also became good friends with him. I used to visit his house often. Because of this, sometimes I used to do small jobs for them. Used to play with his daughter and she also liked to play with me. It went on like this for almost a year. Slowly he towards me… and I went on getting attracted towards him.

Sometimes we both used to talk about double meaning. One day Komal, who was his daughter’s name… was playing near me, and suddenly she started crying. My bhabhi said- Maybe Komal has become hungry. He has to drink milk. Komal still used to drink her mother’s milk.

On the talk of my bhabhi, I also replied in my tune that yes I am also hungry and I also want to drink milk. My bhabhi started laughing at my point and said – which milk do you want to drink? I looked into his eyes and said – the same, which is drunk after growing up. In my answer, the bhabhi was shy and said with loving anger – you are a big Rogue!

I started laughing and came to my house. In this way, my mischief started increasing slowly. Sometimes I would put ice in his blouse, and sometimes I would send non-veg jokes on WhatsApp. My bhabhi never used to think badly about these things of mine.

The doctor’s bhabhi was very cool, she was 34 years old. The color was wheat. He was about 5 feet 6 inches in height and had full boobs of 36 inches. My bhabhi’s 30-inch waist and 34-inch ass were very attractive under the strained boobs.

When the bhabhi used to shake her room, her ass used to wave. At that time, seeing the bhabhi, anyone’s mind becomes dishonest and the penis becomes erect. One day I asked her- bhabhi, do you never feel lonely? He took a deep breath and said – it seems… but what can be done.

When I looked at him with hopeful eyes, perhaps something came to his mind. Now he also asked me- don’t you think? I said, bhabhi, it has been many years since I was separated… and I need a partner. If you want, we can remove the emptiness in each other’s life. My bhabhi started looking at me.

I was alone and that too, maybe we both needed each other so he didn’t mind. He looked at me again and said- Dheeraj, give me time to think. I said- bhabhi, you take as much time as you want. There was no further talk between us that day and I left.

The next day in the evening I went to his house and took Komal in my lap and sit on the sofa. My bhabhi made 2 cups of tea and we both started drinking tea. I asked my bhabhi – did you think anything about us? My bhabhi rolled her eyes and didn’t say anything.

I understood he was ready but I didn’t want to rush. I said to her with ease – Bhabhi takes your own time, I am not in green. bhabhi, take your time, I am not in a hurry. Friends, we used to talk mostly in English because she was very educated and I was too.

Two days later it was New Year’s occasion, I told bhabhi would you like to celebrate New Year with me. He answered yes. Two days later, on the evening of December 31, I went to pick him up in the car. We were going to go to a 5-star hotel. I had already taken a couple of passes off to that hotel.

My bhabhi was looking beautiful that day, she was wearing a black sari and she looked very sexy. I praised him and both of us went to the hotel from there. After reaching the hotel, I took Komal in my lap and stood near the dance area.

I don’t know dance… but my bhabhi was a wonderful dancer. Listening to the music, her steps started shaking and she started dancing. I started looking at them and started drinking beer together. My bhabhi also kept taking vodka and kept dancing. At around 12 o’clock everyone there congratulated each other on the new year. The three of us had dinner and came home.

My bhabhi had drunk too much that day. After making Komal sleep in his room, I sat outside on the sofa in the drawing room and started talking with bhabhi. In the meantime, my bhabhi got a little serious and said – Dheeraj can I kiss you? Dheeraj, can I kiss you? I did not say anything and holding his hand made him lie down on the Diwan and lying on him I put my lips on his lips.

It was like a dream for me. I grabbed his face and sucked on his lips for a long time. I could feel his soft boobs on my chest. For me, this situation was like heaven. After about 15 minutes bhabhi separated from me. We both looked into each other’s eyes and we did not say anything to each other.

I asked my bhabhi – will you have more drinks? She stood up and brought me beer and vodka for herself. Both of us started taking drinks while talking lovingly. My bhabhi was sitting next to me on the sofa and I was stroking her thigh with one hand. Both of us had become very hot, both eyes were red and our faces were also red due to excitement.

I started kissing his lips again while caressing his thighs. My bhabhi closed her eyes and surrendered. While kissing her, I dropped her sari pallu and started caressing her momma from the top of the blouse. After some time we both separated and stood up. I took off my T-shirt and then my jeans.

Now I was only in underwear and my penis was protruding, which bhabhi was watching. I went ahead and took the bhabhi in my arms again and with one hand opened her sari. Now she was in front of me only in a blouse and petticoat. Being intoxicated, she looked even more sexy and full of horney. I was watching his half-hearted youth.

My 6-inch long and thick penis had become hard. Then the bhabhi came to me and put her hand in my underwear and started pressing and caressing the penis. Due to being intoxicated, my condition was getting worse. I also removed his blouse and bra. His huge breasts were waving bare in front of me.

I leaned over and took him in my lap and laid him on the bed. Then without delay, I entered his petticoat and started taking the smell of pussy, started licking the panties. Losing her senses in drunkenness, she started licking her pussy. I lifted the petticoat up to his waist. I started kissing and licking his big ass and thighs again.

I took off his panties without delay. By spreading the naked thighs of doctor bhabhi, I smelled her pussy and the next moment with the tongue, she started licking and biting her pussy wildly. Now I was licking his pussy with my tongue.

The bhabhi was overjoyed and was whispering loudly. Sometimes I would bite the grain of the pussy, sometimes I would suck the clefts. My bhabhi left the water with a loud voice for a while, which I drank all over. She was gasping… but I kept on kissing her breasts, sucking and biting her nipples as I continued my work.

bhabhi again started filling with horney and started sighing. When I touched her pussy, she was wet again. Now the bhabhi told me- First, once quickly wipe the itching of my pussy, then keep doing whatever you want! I removed my underwear and my bhabhi spread both her legs and started inviting my penis with her bare pussy.

I put a pillow under his ass and put the penis on the hole of his pussy. Then slowly he went on taking off his penis in his pussy. dick had not gone in their bhabhi’s pussy for years, due to which the pussy had become very tight. dick’s injury had forced the bhabhi to moan.

After some time we both became normal and now I started banging my bhabhi vigorously. My bhabhi started sighing with fuck. His breasts were shaking vigorously. It was a very sexy scene. My bhabhi was already full of horney, she fell down without delay and I also got into her pussy.

We both lay clinging to each other. Being intoxicated, when both of them slept naked in each other’s arms, it was not known. In the morning my eyes opened after hearing the voice of Komal and my bhabhi. My bhabhi brought tea… so I dressed up and we sat down to drink tea together.

bhabhi’s shame was gone, she said – I drop Komal even to the school bus and come. When she came back after Komal left for school, I held her in my arms and our lips met. Sometimes I would suck on his lower lip, sometimes I would suck on his sweet tongue.

I asked my bhabhi – what is your intention now? So he said – let’s take a shower together. Then we both came to the bathroom to take a shower together. She was wearing a night dress. I separated him and my clothes from the body and we started bathing together.

I rubbed my bhabhi’s body well. His breasts looked very beautiful, on which brown nipples were doomed. I would take alternately suck one nipple and press the other breast with the other hand. Soon the sexy Bhabi again got full of horney and sitting on her knees, she started sucking my penis hard. I started sighing with joy.

When the semen was about to come out of my penis, I left the atomizer on their breasts. Then it was my turn to suck his pussy… which I like best. I started licking his pussy hard. When did she fight twice between bhabhi’s sound… nothing was known.

We both came out, wiped the body, and lay down by clinging to each other’s arms. I continued to press on her breasts and suck on her nipples. I kept suppressing his mum for a long time. My penis started getting hard again, so I started licking his pussy with my tongue. Now I started biting, sucking, and licking his pussy.

I asked my bhabhi to lie down on her stomach, then she lay down. I silently started admiring her naked beauty. Then I lay on top of him and started kissing his neck and both ears.
Bhabhi got more sensual. After this, I caressed his ass and kissed her. My bhabhi became intoxicated and started pleading to fuck again.

I came up and started licking them by inserting the penis into their pussy. The whole room was filled with the sensual gestures of my bhabhi. After kissing her pussy for a long time, I came to fall, by then the bhabhi had fallen twice. I filled his pussy with pitchforks and started resting. That whole day was like our honeymoon.

When we parted in the evening, she had chuckled four times. Sexy Bhabi and my relationship lasted 2 years. Then he got married for the second time. I still haven’t forgotten those 2 years…and remember them. Before leaving, my bhabhi had made me meet a friend, whom I fuck a lot.

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