The college girl and Laundryman sex story part-2

The college girl and Laundryman sex story part-2

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan from Aerocity, I am here to tell you the next part of the story that’s named “The college girl and Laundryman sex story part-2“, I am sure you all will love it.

The back story of The college girl and Laundryman sex story:

Well, thinking this, it was ten o’clock but Amit did not come. We thought that the sisterfucker had become a chutiya. Maya said – Tomorrow will take revenge on that motherfucker. My Brother-in-law’s sister’s load made us chutiya and went sisterfucker. I had seen this form of Maya for the first time. Seeing that made me laugh. But then we went to sleep.

Then suddenly there was a knock on the gate at night, when I saw the time, it was twelve o’clock night. I thought Amit has arrived. I went to the door and asked – who is it? Then a voice came from outside – I am Amit!

I opened the door and immediately pulled him in and looked outside which no one had seen. As soon as I turned around to close the gate, Amit grabbed me in his arms and started kissing me and pressing my boobs on the top of the T-shirt. Then he took off my T-shirt. Now I was naked from above because at night I sleep with my bra panty off.

Then I called Maya, she also got up and seeing us like this jumped up to Amit and slapped her, which shocked me. She said – where was the sister’s dick for so long? So he said – I have to come hiding. Hearing his answer, Maya tore his T-shirt in a jiffy. Seeing this form of Maya, I was again shocked that how much fire is burning in this sister-in-law’s pussy.
She was a straight-looking girl to the world.

Then Maya also took off Amit’s pants and took off his brief. Now Amit was standing in front of both of us completely naked. His dick must have been about 7 inches. He too was tight. On the other hand, I was also naked from above, just below I was wearing a short.

When Maya saw that Amit and I were naked, Maya took off his clothes too. Now Maya is completely naked. Maya also took off my shorts and made me completely naked. Both of us girls were naked in front of a boy for the first time. We were feeling ashamed now but now our lust was also increasing.

Now Maya immediately took Amit in his possession and started kissing him loudly. She was also caressing his dick with one hand. But now Amit has gone mad. He grabbed me immediately by holding Maya on the side and started kissing me, my boobs also started pressing. I was having fun too.

Then I called Maya to me and started kissing her. Now Amit sat down and started licking my pussy. On the other hand, I started kissing Maya and started pressing her boobs. Maya was also going crazy, she sat down and took Amit’s dick in her mouth. I was surprised to see how did he take his dick in his mouth right from the first turn? I was feeling very upset.

But as Maya had become mad, she started sucking dicks very loudly. Amit was getting out of control, he was saying loudly – prostitutes, suck my dick. Scrubber ho… you both are my scourer. I will keep both of you as my mistress. I was feeling a bit dirty about this thing but Maya had gone mad like that. He was having a lot of fun. She was saying – and abuse us motherfucker!

Now after enjoying the pussy mat, I thought that there would be no use in being ashamed. So I also made up my mind to have fun. We immediately threw Amit on the bed. Amit was lying on the bed. I went over to him and started kissing him immediately.

On the other hand, Maya came on top of me and started kissing me from behind. Now I was like a sandwich between them. I was enjoying Amit from below, and Maya was enjoying me from above. When Maya suddenly put a finger in my ass, I screamed. On the other hand, Amit was pressing my boobs very hard, which I was enjoying. But there was a pain too.

Then he immediately grabbed Maya by his side and started kissing him. He was kissing me from one side and was kissing Maya from the other side. Amit’s fun had come today. He had met a young and beautiful girl like the two of us.

Then Amit made Maya lie straight and put a dick in his mouth and started giving jerks in his mouth. He started jerking loudly. Then Maya started coughing heavily. Perhaps the dick was reaching his throat. But as there was no effect on Amit, he started jerking loudly in his mouth. I stopped him and said – what are you doing? Don’t do it politely! Aren’t we going a little bit?

So he said – sorry sister. But for the first time, I am having sex with a beautiful girl like both of you, so I could not control it. I asked – how many girls have you had sex with so far?
So he said – I have fucked both my sisters-in-law a lot, but for the first time a young girl is getting a chance to fuck.

Maya told him – it doesn’t matter, you do it but do it comfortably! We are doing it for the first time. Then he easily picked up Maya’s hair and put a dick in his mouth. Slowly he began to blow in his mouth. But within a short time, the speed of his jerking had increased. Then only after 2 minutes did he put the water of his dick in Maya’s mouth, due to which Maya vomited.

Maya immediately went to the bathroom and after coming out after a while, she slapped Amit and said – Sister’s lode, why did you leave the water of your dick in my mouth? So Amit said – Sister, I could not control. On this Maya’s anger subsided a bit.

Then all three of us lay on the bed. Now we saw that his dick was completely withered. It was as if the waters of both of us were turned on. We thought how would we have sex? It will also take time for the dick to stand up. Then Amit said – it will not take long. Both of you suck it hard, it will stand up soon.

So Maya made Amit sit and took his dick in his mouth and started sucking. After 2 minutes, Amit’s dick stood up again. Then he picked up Maya in his lap and started putting the dick on her pussy and slowly inside. But because it was Maya’s first-time sex, then there was trouble due to the closure of the pussy. Because the dick was slipping again and again and was not able to go into the pussy.

Then Maya told me to give her some cold cream! I went and brought a vial of cold cream, which Maya put on Amit’s dick. Now he said to Amit – slowly put the dick in my pussy! Amit tried to put a dick. The dick must have gone inside only about an inch that Maya’s scream came out. She said – It looks like someone has put some hot thing in my pussy.

But all of a sudden I went and put my pussy in Maya’s mouth so that his mouth would be closed. Amit was slowly putting his dick in her pussy. Even now Maya was in pain but it was also my responsibility to silence her because if she screamed then everyone would have known what the fuck is going on there.

There were tears in Maya’s eyes, seeing that my ass was bursting and that now the next number was mine. But now the arrow had left the command. Slowly, Amit took off his entire dick in the pussy. Maya would scream very loudly if I didn’t stop her! I started kissing her and on the other hand, Amit was pushing slowly into Maya’s pussy.

After 10 minutes, Maya got little pain. So Amit stayed. He took out his dick once and then slowly inserted it again. Although both of us were newbies in this game the fever for having sex was so high that we did not see anything.

The speed of Amit’s hitting had increased now. He was loudly chugging Maya’s pussy and was saying – Aaahhhhhh my scoundrel, my queen… I will brock you seal today sisterfucker… kills me. Mothererfucker… Maya sisterfucker! Maya was also speaking – my life … my Amit … fuck.  make me a scoundrel! I will marry you, my dear!

And she had gone mad. Now after a while he stuffed Amit in his arms. Maya said- My life, I am about to fall. My king, my king, my king. My king exploded. Don’t leave my king. There was a loud bang. Then Maya started falling heavily and the water had come out of her pussy. Then Amit got up from the top of Maya and he caught me.

I understood that now it is my turn to fuck my pussy. But I was scared to see Maya’s plight. I knew I was going to have similar screams. Then Amit pointed to Maya and Maya started kissing me. Amit was busy with his work. He slowly started caressing his dick on my pussy. Now I had started having fun, and my pussy started itching. That’s when I told Amit – start pouring the king slowly!

But Amit had come thinking of torturing me like that. He was not putting his dick. He was slowly caressing my own dick on my pussy. I was going crazy but he was not agreeing. That’s when I caught him and said – put Amit Bhosdi inside… Amit slowly put his dick in my pussy.

His dick must have gone a little bit in my pussy that I screamed loudly. It is good that Maya was kissing me otherwise my scream would have come out like her. Well, slowly Amit put the whole dick inside my pussy. Now he started jerking loudly. I was screaming, I could not bear it. But there was a lust that was forcing me to do everything.

I put my trust in myself. But I was not able to stand for long, it seemed very loudly in my pussy that someone had inserted a bar. I had gone mad but Maya was giving me full support. He started sucking my boobs and with one hand started caressing my pussy on top of Amit’s dick.

Now I was enjoying slowly, both Maya and Amit were fucking me well together. Now slowly my pain was also going but still, the burning sensation was getting very much. But I was still tolerating it. Amit’s speed had also increased, now he was banging me loudly. After about 5 minutes, Amit’s water came out. He said – Sister, I am going to fall! But I told him – do not remove the water inside the pussy.

Amit took out his dick with great difficulty and came on top of me, took out all his water on my stomach, and then came and lay down next to me. All three of us were lying down. Amit was in the middle. Maya was slowly caressing her dick.

Then Amit got up after a while and said – I have to go, my family members will be waiting for me. Then he went away promising to come the next day. Both of our friends were lying naked on the bed, and both of them were swollen. Then we both fell asleep.

The next day both of us were having trouble walking, so we thought of not going to school and both of us slept after having breakfast. After that, we often started coloring our night with Amit. In between, we used to threaten her that if she told anyone about this, we would implicate her in a false case.

So Amit also kept promising not to tell anyone. Meanwhile, I remembered that Amit had told me that he comes to the hostel every night through intelligence. I asked him that way. And now Maya and I go out of the way whenever we feel like it and have fun all night long.

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