My First kiss & Sex with My Friend’s Younger Sister Part-1 

My First kiss & Sex with My Friend’s Younger Sister Part-1 

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “My First kiss & Sex with My Friend’s Younger Sister“. I am sure you all will love it. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

Read the story of the First Kiss and sex that my friend’s sister contacted me on Facebook. We became friends. How was our first kiss after how he proposed to me?

Hello friends, how are you guys, hope you all are doing very well. I am writing my first kiss and sex story, Although in the first part this is the story of a first kiss, in the next part you will find a lot of interesting things.

Before I proceed, let me tell you about myself. My name is Imran and I live in Mahipalpur. I am 20 years old. It is about 2018 when I used to study in Patiala. I was studying in the second year at that time and by that time I had only one girlfriend.

Later, due to some reasons, I parted ways with him. It had been 4 years since I separated from him. One such day in August 2018, I was running Instagram when the owner of a motivational page followed me and sent me a message.

“Hello, Imran…”
‘Hello, who are you?’

‘I was Aisha Khan, your junior in ninth and tenth.’
‘I don’t remember who you are.’

She then told me how she knew me and suddenly I remembered that she was the younger sister of one of my best friend’s sister. I met Aisha Khan only once, and that too on the day of the annual school festival. Then it put the model on the desk next to me, and that’s when I met Aisha Khan for the first time. When the message came at night, I was free in the hostel. After talking to her, I came to know that she studies in Chandigarh and stays in the hostel itself.

Slowly our conversation started increasing. Our friendship was getting stronger. We started meeting, sometimes she would come to meet me, and sometimes I would go to meet her. Within a few days, we became best friends. One day his call came while I was preparing to go home. He said which way to go through the house.

So I told him that I have to go by train from Ambala. She said- Then I am also walking in the train with you. Now because we were from Mahipalpur at the same place, the direct train goes from Ambala. I reached Ambala at ten o’clock and the Aisha Khan also came in 10-15 minutes. 

Although she wears a jeans top, for the first time in 4 months of friendship, I saw her in a suit. He was wearing a black suit. Had a red scarf and open hair. There was a very small dot on the forehead.

She really looked amazing. The first thing I praised as soon as I arrived – it looks dangerous today, is there any intention to kill someone? We both used to talk about all kinds of things like kisses and sex, but his answer was new to me – you have a plan to kill me, why did I succeed? I stood silent for some time and after thinking, something said – I have hit my heart, now what is my intention next? 

“My stomach is getting hit, rats are running in my stomach, let’s go eat something, man!”

When we went out to eat, there were a lot of hotels outside the station. But there was no place for the girl to sit. Was from Sun Nonways. I told the auto person that takes some good place, have to go to eat food. He dropped it in front of a restaurant and said sir it is good and the price is also fine. You will eat comfortably here. After getting down there, both of us came inside and started eating food.

After eating food, started talking here and there. When we saw the time, there were 15 minutes left for the train to arrive. We came out from there after paying the bill and took an auto early. By the time they reached the station, the train had left.

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Then we thought of going by bus. When I reached the bus stand, the bus arrived after 15 minutes. We both sat in the bus. She did not know that taking my hand in her hand, she lay down with her head on her shoulder. This happened for the first time between us. I thought no one, let it go as it is. She fell asleep after some time and I picked her up only after coming to Mahipalpur. Na… listen to what happened in the middle now too.

Suddenly in sleep or not knowing intentionally his hand went on my cock. Someone was putting his hand there for 20-25 minutes. I doubted but did not move his hand. That is, he did not do anything, neither touch the cock, nor anything.

So I thought that all this must have been normal, the hand must have gone to sleep. But where does my cock get peace? After all, why did she come, for one she was looking so dangerous today.

What would I be, whoever would have been in my place would have lost their faith. After reaching Mahipalpur, we took an auto. First I left her, then as soon as she started leaving, she said – Imran, man, if you want to go back, then walk a few days before the end of the holiday … Both of us and my friend Isha will go to Chandigarh. I said – okay.

I couldn’t talk to him if I didn’t ring the phone much at home. We were in the bus even while leaving. Even then she came in the suit only.

This time he was wearing a yellow suit and his hair was open. Kajal was applied to the eyes and the same small dot on the forehead. I did not praise him this time, just stood with him and waited for the bus.

Sitting on the bus, he asked me – are you not forgetting something? “No, I brought it all, why am I forgetting?” His face started turning red with anger. She turned her face and looked out the window. 

The bus started and as soon as I came out of the city, I said in his ear – Looks like a very cool product, I have stabbed my heart. She was still looking out the window but this time not getting angry… smiling.

After a while I spoke in his ear again – tell the truth, don’t Mario! If she remained silent, I just said – If there was no one in the bus now, maybe both of us would have been doing something else and in my hand you. After saying this, he elbowed me.

I didn’t say anything further. She was smiling slowly. It was clear to me that the prisoner was starting to cool down. After some 10 minutes I asked him softly in his ear – Well why does my praise matter so much? She fell silent for once and then said a little scared, Yes, just nothing more.

I said – I have not said anything how does it matter? She got a little scared again and said – still I told you, don’t misunderstand anything. I did not think it right to talk about this further and fell silent. After some 4 hours of leaving Mahipalpur, landed at Chandigarh.

As soon as we both got off the bus, he introduced me to Isha, who was waiting for us at the bus stand. That too seemed like complete doom. On seeing it, I felt like squeezing it now.
His body was number one. The size of 32, waist less than 28, and slightly above 34, his dangerous raised ass.

I looked away from his lovely face and shook his hand. Then he asked to leave. We went to his PG and kept the goods and went out for a walk. The three of us went to a restaurant and sat down. When I went there to order, she started talking. When I started coming back after ordering, I was on his back. I noticed a black bra and boobs of Aisha Khan. I thought again that what I have come to do now, do it.

Then a thing came to my ears. Isha was saying, in fact, she was saying in a whisper- Imran? Aisha Khan said – Uhm… we have not talked about that yet. That’s when Isha saw me and she alerted Aisha Khan as well. I started talking to Isha. He asked in talk whether I have a girlfriend or not. When I refused, he said – to make the Aisha Khan.

I said – no, I want to be single.

She fell silent.

The three of us talked for a long time, then went for a walk. The whole day went by while walking around talking like this. When we reached Isha’s PG at 5 pm, she said – You will have to stay in a hotel somewhere because Auntie is very rude here. I thought I would stay at the hotel. Aisha Khan will stay with Isha in PG as her hostel was not open… that was yet to open after 3 days.

Then Isha said- All three of us will stay in a hotel. Aisha Khan also said yes to this. She went inside and brought our belongings and her clothes and at the same time, she told the PG’s aunt that she would stay in her friend’s hostel for a few days. He also got Aunty to talk to his mother. His mother also said yes.

Now we all leave. We went to a hotel and booked a room with 3 people. I told Isha – you separate yourself, I will sleep separately. On this Isha refused and said who is Sona, will talk, will watch the movie. I also did not say no and did yes. Then after watching a movie, I saw the time, it was 12-30. I said to both of them – both of you sit down, I will come to the terrace for a while, a cold wind must be blowing.

Aisha Khan said on this – I walk too!

But Isha said – I come fresh.

I said – okay lets Aisha Khan.

Then Aisha Khan ran away and brought something out of her bag and put it in her pocket. I could not see what was there, but what was me. I got out, she again went to do something near the bag.

I said – are you coming or not?

Then she said- wait the bus has arrived.

As soon as she came, we both started going upstairs.

I realized that maybe Aisha Khan has applied her perfume as there was a luscious smell coming from it. It was a good perfume. When I opened the terrace gate above, I started going forward to the edge of the roof. Felt a little wind and as soon as she turned back, Aisha Khan got on her knees with a rose flower in her hand and said – I love you Imran!

I was immediately flustered, but while taking care of myself, I first made him stand up. She kept her face down, not looking at me. I told him – you sit. I made him sit on a stool lying nearby and sat down beside him. When he looked at me, I took my eyes off his face. I told him – man, we are good friends, why are you spoiling your friendship. You also know that relations etc. do not last long. “Dude, it’s up to you how much you understand me. I am even talking about marriage.”

I told him – man, he is the only one. I know the people of my family, they will not agree to the marriage… and if the father comes to know, then his anger is such that he will throw me out of the house too. I agree that I am the only one of my parents, but they will never agree to this. I had said all this while looking down, but as soon as I looked at her, she was crying.

I grabbed his shoulder and shook him, trying to silence him. But she did not keep quiet, so I sat down on my knees in front of her so that I could explain to her by being in front of her face. When I sat down, she suddenly stood up. I also stood up with him. She was a little shorter in height than me, so she came in front of me.

I told him- Aisha Khan shut up, please shut up. She kept on crying even after saying the same thing 3-4 times. Then I hugged him. She hit my chest and calmed down after a long time. I separated him from myself now and saw, that his eyes were still watering. 

I grabbed his face with both hands and said – be a quiet man! She didn’t keep quiet but I don’t know what happened all of a sudden… I put my lips on her lips and do my first kiss. I kissed her only a short time, but as soon as she separated from her lips, I kissed her again.

Kiss not this time, smooch kissing started between us, and his hands also came on my dick. My hands went to her pussy. Both his eyes and mine started closing and what happened after that, I do not remember anything. I just remember shaking someone’s hand on my shoulder. 

When we were kissing each other I understood something, I knew that someone was shaking my shoulder. When I opened my eyes, I understood that someone was shaking my shoulder from behind. She coughs us while we kiss.

When I understood the voice, I came to know that Isha was saying – just do it, people… do you want to eat each other? After listening to her, we parted and I realized that neither After kissing neither aisha Khan made eye contact with me nor I was able to meet her. Then Isha said again – How long have you two been kissing, do you remember anything?

After some time Aisha Khan replied – Hey it was like this first kiss… small,, I proposed to him and he refused. When I started crying, Imran was explaining to me about kissing and did a small first kiss. Looking at me, Isha asked- Why do you have any idea about who will be for how long? I also said, shaking yes in the matter of Aisha Khan – Hey our kiss must have happened in some 10 seconds. Aisha Khan is right.

That’s when Isha said- Man, what were you explaining about your kiss that I came, you did not even know about that. And what were you explaining to the Aisha Khan that how long it is, it is not even known. She paused for a moment saying this and started again – never mind, you don’t know, but I know everything about your kiss and I have the proof ready too. I was looking downstairs when my eyes were torn apart after hearing this Aisha Khan’s proof.

I looked at her and then she said – I came, what were you doing then, I thought of making a video and made it too. Guys, you do your first kiss for some 14 minutes, look, I have video proof. Me and Aisha Khan both started looking at each other and thinking about our kiss. We were scared and shy too.

Friends, in my story, first love happened, then the first kiss happened and now I will write the fun beyond this in the next part.

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