Story of Sex with tuition teacher when she was alone at home!

Story of Sex with tuition teacher when she was alone at home!

I used to go to tuition from one head. His wife was also a tuition teacher. One day when I saw her, my heart fell on her… I fell in love with her and I have read many stories of infatuation with sex, so thought why not share my story too? This is my desi sex story of sex with tuition teacher when she was alone at home.

My name is Arun. Height is 5 feet 8 inches, fair complexion and I am from Delhi city. This is from 3 years ago, at that time I was in my first year of college.

By the way, I was good in all subjects. Just used to make thousands of mistakes in writing in English. I used to go to Pankaj sir’s tuition to study income tax. His house was a short distance away. His wife used to teach English at his house. Sir had asked me many times to start English tuition, but I used to postpone on some pretext or the other.

Then one day Sir’s wife had come for tuition, maybe she had some work with Sir. I saw them for the first time then. She was as beautiful as if she were an Apsara. I had my heart on them. Then I started cursing myself that why I have not started English tuition till now. I was such an idiot.

That day she kept remembering Sir’s wife all night long. Then I could not live, so I chuckled at his name and fell asleep.

After 3 days I started taking English tuition from Sir’s wife. When I went on the first day, there were more students there.   “sex with tuition teacher”
Mam asked my name.

I answered her, then I wanted to ask her, his name. I didn’t know his name till now.
I said nervously – what is your name mam?

She told her name was Ayushi. I could not believe that she was Sir’s wife. She would be 25 years old but she was like 20-22 years in appearance. She was very fair in appearance. Her rosy lips, and apple-red cheeks… meant mams were sexy stuff.

In about 2 months we both got mixed up. My laughing jokes also started with the mam. Whenever the mams were in front, I used to focus more on their lips and mums. Perhaps the men had come to know that I keep seeing her cheeks, so now the mam’s attention was more towards me and she used to adorn the pallu of the sari again and again.

I used to think every day that if I get to fuck mams just once, then it will be fun.

Our chat had started on WhatsApp also. One day I accidentally sent her the link to a porn video and the mam had seen that link.

The next day, the mam stopped me after tuition and started telling me – to focus on my studies, all these things have cost me my whole life.
I kept listening to everything by bowing my head and finally went away saying sorry.

I was not feeling well that day and my impression got spoiled in front of the mam. I also sent a sorry message on WhatsApp. she didn’t reply.       “sex with tuition teacher”

The next day I went to the tuition, so no one came there. I thought maybe there will be no class today.
I asked the mam- Mam today is a holiday, has no one come?
The mam said – you sit in your place … those people will come.

I sat on my seat. Now I was feeling that the mam may not have told the matter of that link to the Sir… otherwise I will have to be embarrassed in front of the Sir.

Then the tuition teacher started teaching me. I was not able to restrain myself. I told me that mam you didn’t tell that thing to sir, did you?
The mam said – I have not told… but I am going to tell.
I said – sorry mam… please don’t tell sir.
He replied – why were you scared? Hey, I’m kidding. I will not tell them. “sex with tuition teacher”
Then I heaved a sigh of relief.

That day Mam was wearing a red sari and a black blouse. Her boobs were so big that the blouse looked so tight… as if her boobs would just break the hook and come out.

I said- Mam today you are looking very good in a red sari.
So she started smiling.

Today, seeing the tuition teacher alone, a different sensation started coming into my body. I said- Mam you like me.
He said- Yes, I know.
Hearing this, my hair stood up.
In this she said – I also know what you like in me. “sex with tuition teacher”

I was surprised. Saying this she came to me. As soon as she came near her, that fragrance of his body started smelling in the Fiza. Even today I remember that fragrance of the mam.

She stood near my seat, her breasts were on top of my head. I was thinking that I should just grab it and drink it.

I said- you look like Apsara to me… Pankaj sir is very lucky. she got a nymph-like you.

In this, the mam put a finger on my face. I understood that today my luck has favored me. At the same time, it was raining outside and it started raining.

The mam said – put the door… water will come in.

I quickly opened the door. My 7-inch long 2.5-inch thick cock was about to stand now.

I told mam- Mam I love you. “sex with tuition teacher”

He took me tightly in his arms. I also clung to her like a snake clinging to a tree. I started kissing the neck of the mam. I kissed his lips. His lips were very soft… as if rose petals. I went on kissing the mam. Sometimes kisses their lips, sometimes on the throat.

My cock was full. Without thinking anything, I grabbed the tuition teacher’s nipple and started rubbing it on top of the blouse. I had never seen so many velvet chicks. I could not hold on and I untied his blouse. I didn’t delay even a moment in opening his bra. When I opened her bra, I felt as if both the pigeons of the mam had got freedom.

There were tiny pink nipple stitches on her mummies. Seeing the very hard nipples, my cock filled it. I took one of the tuition teacher’s mams in my mouth and started sucking. At the same time, I started mashing his other chick.

That’s when the mam started making sexy voices ‘Ummmm… is.’

It all seemed like a dream to me. I took the mam in my lap and took it towards the hall. While in my lap, mam started unbuttoning my shirt. I also started kissing mam.

I made her sit on the sofa and made myself stand in front of her. I asked the mam to open the jeans.
mam said- Call me by name.

I also opened her saree by saying ‘Yes Ayushi Darling..’. In less than a minute, we were both naked.

Ayushi Mam saw my cock and started saying – Pankaj is not even that big. she is much younger than you.
I said – now this too is your toy.
He took my cock in his hand and started mashing it.

I put them on the sofa and spread my legs. I had never seen such a cool pussy till today.

I said – Ayushi darling, only I should have got such a wonderful thing. “sex with tuition teacher”

I started licking his pussy. As soon as my tongue touched the pussy, Ayushi got up and started pulling my head towards her pussy. I also licked my pussy fiercely. Then put a finger in the pussy.

Amidst all this Ayushi mam was making sexy voices ‘Umh…ahhh…hay…oh…yes baby uhhh..’

My cock had become like a stone. As soon as I was about to put a cock in the pussy of Ayushi mam. she said- First I have to do 69. I like to do this… but till now Pankaj has not done it.

I picked up Ayushi mam and laid it on myself and my tongue again entered her pussy. The tuition teacher started sucking my cock with great passion. I was having a lot of fun.

After this foreplay of about 5 minutes, the mam said – now it is not there… fuck…
I also spread the legs of the mam and started licking the pussy.
Ayushi started saying mam – put ah, put it soon.

Without delay, I also trapped the cock in the hole of the pussy and pushed it. mam’s pussy was very tight. My cock slipped because of the water in the pussy.

I trapped the cock again. This time I tried a little harder and my cock’s pada went inside his pussy.

Ayushi Mam closed her eyes while doing ummah… ahh… hay… yah…. In this, by applying a little more pressure, I put the entire cock in Ayushi’s pussy. Different happiness started appearing on Ayushi’s face. Along with this, the pain of sex was also visible. “sex with tuition teacher”

I started putting my cock inside out. Those slow, sweet, painful voices of Ayushi Mam were telling me to fuck harder.

I changed positions and made her my mare. When I put the cock from behind, his scream came out. I kissed again at the same speed … would have kissed while pressing his big boobs. Sometimes she would slap his bum.

Ayushi was having full fun with mam sex. Now she too started moving her ass back and forth.

After a while, the mams fell out. My water was about to come. I straighten my Ayushi darling and shake my cock and put the water on their mummies and mouth.
He had fun sucking my cock and cleaned his face.

We both went to his bedroom bare like this. That day we had sex 3 times. Then when the rain stopped, I went to my house.

After that, every time after tuition class, sometimes in the bathroom, sometimes in the kitchen, and sometimes on my bench… I have fucked my mam Ayushi Darling everywhere. Now I am out of town. mams sometimes lead to video sex. Whenever I go to Delhi, I make fun of mams.

They have just had a son. Needless to say that she is a part of me. “sex with tuition teacher”

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