Love Making With my Cousin | Brother Sister Sex Story Part-2

Love Making With my Cousin | Brother Sister Sex Story Part-2

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Love Making With my Cousin | Brother Sister Sex Story Part-2“. I am sure you all will love it.

Friends, I Ridhimajain welcome you to my Sex story. In the first part of the story, my cousin fell in love with me, Till now you had read that I was going to the tubewell on his farm by sitting on a bike with my cousin.

Now further the Sister Sex Story:

For some time both of us did not say anything, then Kapil started telling me about the village, etc. After a while, we both reached the farm. On the other side, everyone was working far away in their own fields. Kapil opened the lock of the tubewell room but the gate was not opening.

I asked – what happened? He said – Oh nothing, due to rust this door gets stuck and opens after applying a lot of force. Well… After a little effort, he opened the gate by pushing hard and started the tubewell.

Then he pointed to the tank of the tubewell and said – Look sister, this would have been the swimming pool of the village. I said – well, it is very big here. Kapil said – It is not very big here, but the water keeps on flowing continuously. It’s so hot, I take a bath. I said – I did not bring extra clothes, otherwise, I would have taken a bath too.

Kapil said – Hey sister, if you want, take a bath, no one comes here. I have a pair of clothes kept inside. You take a bath and wear them. Then when these ones get dry, wear them back. At first, I was just like that, but then I thought that I will take a bath anyway.

Kapil had landed in the well. When I climbed on the wall of the sink, Kapil gave me his hand and I also got down in it wearing a salwar suit. When I saw Kapil in his shorts, seeing his half-naked body, my inner desires also started awakening and perhaps his desires were also awakening.

Once or twice I felt like kissing her hard, but I restrained myself. Then both of us started taking baths while having fun. Leaving the worries of both worlds, we bathed in the tubewell water with a lot of fun. After about half an hour I had taken bath, left there and went to change clothes in the tube well room.

I flew the gate lightly and took off all my wet clothes and became completely naked. Then I picked up Kapil’s clothes and put on the shirt. Then opened the gate a little and caught Kapil to dry his clothes. Now I started looking for the rest of the clothes to wear.

I looked but I could not find the pant. I called out to Kapil and asked – where are the pants? He said – there it is hanging behind the door. I said – no. He said- Hey it will be there… and where will it go. I said – no baba, there was only a shirt here. Kapil said suddenly – Oh sorry sister… He must have been taken home by his father to get washed!

I said a little angrily – what a joke… Now, what should I wear here? Kapil said – no problem, you just sit inside like this for a while… the clothes will dry in an hour, then wear them and come out. At that time I was helpless because I had no other option. I was sitting inside that room on a cot in just my shirt.

After some time the light went off and the room became dark. I got a little nervous so I called Kapil. He said – no problem sister, I am outside here, the light will come soon. After about 5 minutes the light also came on. I told Kapil that the light has come on. He said – run the tubewell, it will not work on its own.

I said – I do not know how to drive. He said – Hey what I am telling you, press that button. I said – I don’t know, there are so many wires here, I am afraid of electricity. Kapil said- Ok, I will drive… You open the gate. I said- Hey, how can I open the gate like this, give me my clothes.

He said – the clothes are still very wet. You do this, hide behind the gate, I will not see and will also run the motor. I said – Hey bring it, I will wear wet clothes, no problem. Kapil said – don’t be afraid, it will not take even a minute and the work will be done. I thought that it is only a matter of a while before I will open the gate. I said – ok.

But saw that the handle behind the gate was broken. I said – what should I hold and open, the handle of the gate is broken, there is nothing to hold. He said – Oh yes, that handle was to be installed, no problem, you open the latch. I will open it by pushing from outside.

I stood behind the gate and opened the latch. Kapil had still taken off all his clothes. He came inside only in his underwear. After coming inside, he said – hold the gate, otherwise, it will be closed by the wind. I secretly grabbed the gate behind and Kapil started driving the motor. As soon as I grabbed my hand to slide down my shirt, the gate left my hand and closed with a bang.

Kapil came running and tried to catch the gate, but by then he was stuck. Kapil said – what did you do sister, now the gate is stuck. For a moment we both forgot that we were both half-naked. Then after a while everything became normal, Kapil said – no problem, you sit on the cot. I open the gate by doing some arrangements.

But in such an environment, attention tends to wander. I was looking at Kapil’s half-naked body and he was looking at my bare legs. We kept looking at each other like this for some time. I said – please don’t look like this, I feel ashamed. Kapil said – then you also don’t see, I am also ashamed.

But even without wanting to, both of us were looking at each other again and again. Till now I had understood that some scandal is going to happen today. Then both of us sat a little far away on the cot lying there. For a long time, both of us sat like this and looked at each other, we kept on getting mildly excited.

Then I don’t know what happened, I myself slowly started moving towards her and she towards me. Now both of us were sitting very close. I was looking up into her eyes and she into mine. That’s why my hand automatically started moving on his chest and arms as if my body was not in my control and was moving on its own.

Slowly I moved a little bit and took my lips near his lips. For a moment I looked into his eyes and just the next moment our lips met. Both of us closed our eyes. At this time we were kissing each other’s lips, away from the worries of the world.

Without saying anything, without thinking anything. We were just touching each other’s lips lightly. Then I opened my eyes and got down smiling lightly. On the other side, Kapil was also smiling. The wall of kinship between us had fallen.

Kapil said – Didi… I cut him off and said – Shhh… Just immediately put your lips on her lips and pressed hard and started kissing loudly. Now Kapil was also sucking my lips forcefully while moving in and out and we kept on kissing like this for some time lost in each other.

After all, when the heart was filled with kissing, then we parted. There was a fire of lust inside me and on the other side, Kapil’s cock was also fully erect. Kapil smiled once upon seeing me and just pushed me hard against the wall. Now he started kissing my lips forcefully by going up and down.

I was also giving her full support and the atmosphere in the room was getting hotter. For about two minutes, he kept kissing me loudly like this. He kept on saying in between – ah… ahh… sister I love you so much… ummh… puchhh… puchhh… you have no idea how much I have waited for this moment…

I did not even expect that one day I will be so close to you. I will come closer Like someone thirsty, he kept quenching his thirst by sucking hard on my lips. Here his body was rubbing with my body and his cock was increasing my thirst by rubbing my pussy.

When his mind was full of sucking my lips, he stopped for a moment. We looked into each other’s eyes and again started moving forward kissing each other’s face, neck, and shoulders. Now there was no doubt about what was to happen next. Kapil himself started opening the buttons of my shirt one by one.

As soon as she opened the top 3 buttons, I once again realized what I was doing. This is my brother in a relationship, how can I do this with him? I said wait Kapil, we should stop here, don’t forget I am your sister. please stop I wanted to stop his hand on the button of my shirt.

But Kapil was so excited that he said – don’t stop today sister, otherwise I will die, today both of us are just a boy and a girl and our relationship is only of bodies. I want to enjoy your body. Don’t stop me today Simultaneously, he caught both parts of my shirt and tore it open at the back.

With this, my front body became naked in front of him. Out of shame, I covered my boobs with my palms and also folded my legs, and shrunk to hide my youth from Kapil. Kapil came close to me and gently put his hand on the shoulders of his naked sister and said – Sister, look here in my eyes.

I looked into his eyes shyly. He said with great love – Sister, don’t worry… No one will know this thing of mine. Everything will remain between both of us. I too nodded my head in agreement. Then Kapil caught hold of my palms and slowly started forcing them down. Initially, I protested a little, but slowly he put both my hands down.

Then Kapil slowly took his hands on my boobs and started pressing them lightly. Along with this, he also started rubbing my nipples lightly. After some time, I was also full enthusiasm, so I gave full support to her.

Now I had completely removed my shirt and was completely naked in front of him. At this time Kapil was kissing my chest and my milk was getting hard. On the other side, Kapil was eager to come out after tearing his cock. I separated myself from Kapil with a jerk. Kapil was completely shocked by this. He asked – what happened sister?

I looked at him very seriously for a moment, then in the next moment I also smiled and knelt down. I slid his briefs down in one stroke. His cock was standing in front of me swinging up and down like an elephant’s trunk.

I looked up into Kapil’s eyes and looking into my eyes asked – Sister, I have heard that girls in the city suck boys’ cocks in their mouths. Is it true? I gave a devilish smile and said – what do you think? Just by saying this, I caught hold of his cock, moved my hand from the root of the cock to the top and caressed him once or twice with love. Then suddenly kissed his cock.

It was as if Kapil’s life had passed away. She sighed loudly. I closed my fist tightly and pressed the back of his cock, then the top of his cock came out. I said – go see what the girls do in the city… Pressing my closed lips on his cock, I rubbed the betel nut with my lips and slowly started sucking the cock in my mouth.

Kapil had started flying on the seventh sky, his eyes were closed and the sounds of ‘ahh… ss… aahh… didi… ahh… very much fun… aahh… didi…’ were coming out of his mouth. At this time, he was taking out sighs and moans from his mouth.

I slowly increased the speed of cock sucking and her excitement kept on increasing. Friends, you must be enjoying the story of my naked sister. If your cock is erect, don’t move it now. I will come soon with the next part of my Sex story. Just don’t forget to mail it. your lovely Ridhimajain.

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